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With this Constellation app, you'll be able to explore and create a music piece by arranging music and sounds created and collected by Tod Machover for Festival City. Starting now, you can play with our first collection of audio, Edinburgh Soundscape 1. We will be adding new soundscapes fairly regularly over the coming weeks, so it is likely that you'll find something new each time you come back to Constellation.

Please be patient when you start working on a score or switch musical materials, since it takes a couple of minutes to load the audio. The app will not be responsive until everything is loaded.

In the window, you'll see galaxies of multi-colored bubbles that represent fragments of musical material for Festival City. The star-like patterns of the bubbles can be changed by clicking on the Pattern button . Although the sounds are the same in the five different Patterns, they are organized differently which will let you discover new sounds in each configuration. Try them all!

Using the Explore Tool, you can explore, mix and modify the musical materials by clicking and dragging on top of the score. The faster you move, the more bubbles you activate; the slower, the more you can hone in on individual sounds.

With the Draw Tool, you create “constellations” of lines connecting sounds which in turn become your musical score. You can play back your “constellation” by using the play button and scroll bar at the bottom of the window.

Use the Edit Toolto modify segments of lines, dragging and reshaping them as desired. The Delete Toolcan remove the unwanted "constellations" of lines.

We'll save your work along the way so you can come back to this site and keep editing your score from the same computer. When you're happy with your composition, click the Upload Button to share your work with Tod and other participants in Festival City. Please feel free to leave comments about the work of others, and many thanks for your contributions to Festival City. Continue to follow all aspects of the project – leading to the August 27, 2013 premiere – at http://edinburgh.media.mit.edu.

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