Festival City – Get involved!

In this introductory video, composer Tod Machover explains how you can collaborate on creating his new symphonic work. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Sign up to receive e-alerts about the latest collaborative activities.
  2. Post a comment about your most evocative memories and impressions of Edinburgh. Or share an audio recording via the project’s SoundCloud account.
  3. Over the coming months, pieces of new music will be debuted here. Use our special apps to re-shape these sounds to your liking and share them back.

3 thoughts on “Festival City – Get involved!”

  1. I think this project is fabulous idea. Unfortunately, as I’m an ex-resident of Edinburgh (I moved to Wales in March), I’m unable to record and upload sounds myself. However, in case it’s of use to you, here’s my audio wishlist.

    Millennium Clock Tower, National Museum of Scotland

    Automated announcements on the number 10 bus. (A voice that’ll be familiar to many an Edinburgh resident!)

    Water of Leith waterfall, near Dean Village.

    Beltane Fire Festival. (Alas, this is tonight! It would definitely be worth recording the drummers if somebody connected with the project is able to pop along.)

    Birds and bees at the Royal Botanic Garden. (One for a warm day, perhaps.)

    A roller derby.

    1. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas! We’ll get to work tracking down these sounds of Edinburgh!!

    2. Thanks so much for your great suggestions. As it happens, we have some friends who are going to start doing some Edinburgh recording based on suggestions, so we’ll try to capture the places you mention. I’ll be over there myself (from Boston) in a few weeks so can try to record some of this as well. Really appreciate your ideas.

      Stay tuned, since we’ll make some web apps available soon that will allow you to play with and combine sounds in various ways. Cheers, Tod

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