Come stir the pot!

The Constellation and Cauldron apps are now live! You can start creating your own scores for Festival City. With the brand new Cauldron app (designed by Akito Van Troyer and Tod Machover at the MIT Media Lab), you’ll be able to create and experience a bubbling brew of Edinburgh sounds that have been concocted and collected for Tod Machover’s Festival City , currently being composed by Tod – with your collaboration – for the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival. Starting now, you can experiment with our first selection of musical and audio ingredients to stir up your own special mix. We will be adding new features and sounds quite regularly over the coming weeks, so please visit the app often. Each time you’ll find something new to add to the Cauldron and will experience new ways that the elements blend, bubble, and surprise.

Image-App Click here to play with the Constellation and Cauldron apps!

3 thoughts on “Come stir the pot!”

  1. Here are some nice tips for using Cauldron from

    Ten tips for using Cauldron
    1. Put your headphones on. Turn up the volume.
    2. Run your mouse pointer up and down the multi-coloured traffic lights on the left.
    4. Drag one traffic light into the main panel, then drag it around the screen.
    5. Try different speeds to get different intensities of sound. Marvel at the visuals.
    6. Drag other colours in.
    7. Drag them all around at varying speeds and create a cacophany of sound.
    8. Record by clicking the record button top-right,then drag your colours around again.
    9. Finish recording by clicking the pause button. Playback by clicking play.
    10. To the right of the play button, is an upload button. Upload your creation with an ID .

  2. Love the idea! Thanks for the tips. The sounds are wonderful.

    On Chrome Cauldron seems to cause “Aw Snap!” often. Some of the dots like the lowest red one on the left don’t seem to produce sound once they are in the cauldron window. I’ll try to debug a bit.

    1. Hey, glad you like the Cauldron app. Thanks for alerting us about the problem. Will have our wizards look into it.

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